Few people are in greater need of human rights protection than Indigenous peoples. Globally, about 370 million Indigenous people face widespread systemic discrimination, impoverishment, ill health, and dispossession of their lands and resources. Although governments have a duty and responsibility to ensure the welfare and safety of all their citizens, Indigenous peoples are often subject to policies that erode or suppress their rights and distinct cultural identities. Canada is no exception.

Anglicans in Niagara are invited to recommit themselves to the work of truth and reconciliation, drawing on resources available through the diocesan truth and reconciliation webpage, including a reconciliation toolkit.

As we continue with our For the Love of Creation series, we are asked to sign a letter urging the Federal Government to implement the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous people. Here is the link to sign the letter

We have put together a small list of resources to help become more aware and to build courage to take action.

Click here to see the list

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