We are a diverse and inclusive community of people,

gathered together from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, learning together what it means to walk the way of Jesus, and growing together in a way that is not limited by age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic status. We also recognize that we are a Christian community in the making, always in the process of being re-oriented and re-formed as we try to hew closer to our aspirations.

As a part of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, we honour and value our inherited traditions, even as we seek to create space to question, explore, and grow.

We believe that God is active in our midst, and active in the world around us – inviting us into deeper relationship, and calling us love and serve one another as we work towards justice and reconciliation.

In the quiet of prayer and the kinship of community, we seek to know the hope that God’s love imparts.

In the wisdom of inherited story and tradition, we seek to grow in faith and trust.

In the joy and creativity of artistic expression, we seek to find new words for the story of salvation.

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Leadership Team

Rev Brian Galligan

Interim Pastor

Dr. Charlene Pauls

Music Director

We are blessed with a strong group of people with diverse backgrounds, who are passionate about building strong relationships with Christ and each of you.

Brian is a strong leader who has a multi-faceted career. In his spare time, he leads insightful trips to the Holy Land.

Dr. Charlene Pauls is an award-winning Conductor, Soprano, Pedagogue, and Clinician, who has been the Music Director at the Anglican Church of the Incarnation since the Fall of 2010. Our music program is central to who we are as a worshipping community. It enriches and reflects our theology and how we interact with our community. Charlene has arranged collaborations with Indigenous musicians, Palestinian musicians, local dance groups, and choral groups.

Office staff and Wardens

Margot is our Administrative Assistant and is available during office hours, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9-3. If you have any questions about church activities, or would like more information about joining us, please contact her.
We are supported by a dynamic core of volunteer Church Wardens who have been chosen by Jeff and the congregation to help with administration, financial stewardship, and maintenance of the church building.

Margot Cudmore

Administrative Assistant

Paul Welsh

Rector's Warden

Spencer Williams

Deputy Rector's Warden

Julia Lockhart

People’s Warden

Wendy Ball

Deputy People’s Warden