You don’t have to believe to belong

Are you looking for a place where you can explore your spirituality in an accepting environment? Incarnation is a contemporary, inclusive parish for Christians of diverse ages and backgrounds and we begin each service reminding ourselves it’s okay to question our own beliefs, and that belonging isn’t dependent on believing.

Rest assured, you are among friends

We are genuinely welcoming to everyone and want you to feel right at home the first time you visit.
We hope these frequently asked questions will help.

Frequently asked questions

Are you open for in-person worship?

We are thrilled to welcome you back for in-person worship.

If, you’re not ready to return, we continue to offer a live zoom service at 10am each Sunday

How do I watch the live ZOOM service?

Our online service starts at 10 am each Sunday. You can join via ZOOM by downloading the ZOOM app. You can find the link to the service here

Do I have to be Anglican to belong?

No! In fact, many of our active parishioners come from other faith communities. Everyone is welcome to join us participate at whatever level they feel comfortable.

Where are you located?

Our street address is 1240 Old Abbey Lane, and we are located north of the QEW just west of Dorval Drive.

You can access our parking lot from Milton Road.

What time are your services?

At the moment, we are offering one, hybrid service. You can join us in-person or online each Sunday at 10AM.

What happens when I first arrive?

From our parking lot, follow the walkway to our side door. Once inside, you will be met by a greeter who will welcome you, offer you an order-of-service and show you to our bright, open worship area.

You’ll notice right away, the layout is different than most churches. We do not have rows of pews with kneelers. Our space is adaptable to many configurations. Find a seat,  relax, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the surroundings. You will find a casual and very friendly atmosphere.

After the 10:00 Am service, please join us for refreshments and fellowship in the gathering space.

Do you offer communion?

During our in-person services, all baptized Christians are invited to receive bread at Communion. Currently, we do not offer wine. Any and all individuals may come forward for a blessing, indicated by crossing your arms.

Do you take up a collection?

We don’t pass the plate during our services.

If you wish to support our work, you may add your donation to the offering plate found at our greeter’s table. You are among friends, and during your first visit, we would like you to be our guest.

On-going support can be made through offertory envelopes, online donation, pre-authorized payments, or etransfers.

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