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Church of the Incarnation, 1240 Old Abbey Lane, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 1E3

Inviting, Engaging, Empowering

We are a contemporary, inclusive parish for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. We gather together to worship, pray, sing, laugh and grow.

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8:30 AM Sunday Service

A quiet reflective service, in the chapel. There is no nursery or children's church, but children are welcome to attend the service.

10:00 AM Sunday Service

A contemporary service in the worship space, with music. There is a staffed nursery for children up to the age of three, and a fun and educational Children's Church for ages 4 to 15. Children are also welcome to remain in the service.

8:00 PM Contemplative Fire

(3rd Sunday of the month).
A quiet and intentional reflective community.

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Please join us for a Truth and Reconciliation Workshop focusing on learning about the history of
colonialism, local treaties, intergenerational trauma, and what it means to be an ally.
The workshop is led by Rick McLean, from The McLean Consulting Group, and aims to create a
safe space for dialogue and to help participants develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that
will help them create authentic and informed relationships with Indigenous communities, and
further the work of Truth and Reconciliation.
There is no prior registration or fees for attending this event. Free-will offering to cover
expenses and finance future events will be gratefully accepted.
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Great Voice-Classic-Not too Many going in that direction these days! Are You only a Church Singer or what does The Anglican Church have to do with Your Post?

Tomorrow at 4pm we welcome our Indigenous neighbours from Halton Region for a Traditional Indigenous Feast. This to honour the knowledge & wisdom of the Indigenous people who have shared their experiences as part of the Indigenous homelessness project. Enjoy the drumming and singing of the
Red Spirit Singers and other musicians participate in the healing ceremony led by a local knowledge keeper and enjoy a meal featuring traditional foods including corn, beans and squash, bannock and wild rice.
A bundle of a smudge bowl with sage, sweet
grass and a pouch of tobacco will be provided
to project participants
This Sunday is Earth Day and we are going to Save the Planet (in our own small way!)

Bring your Plastic to Church! - see below

April 22, 2018 marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. This year, the theme is End Plastic Pollution.
Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems that we face today. It impacts the environment and our health and wellbeing. We have all contributed to this problem – mostly unknowingly – and we must work to reduce and ultimately to End Plastic Pollution.

It is important to remember the connection between plastics and climate change. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues we face as a planet today. If other reasons to consume less plastic weren’t already enough to convince you to act, the fact that consuming plastic products exacerbates climate change should be an important reason to take personal responsibility and make a commitment to help End Plastic Pollution.

So, on Sunday, as an offering to our Mother Earth, bring an item of plastic which might include:
Plastic glass and cutlery,  Plastic pen
Garbage bag, Dry cleaner bags
Take out food containers,  Single use plastic bag
Plastic water bottle,   Bubble wrap
Plastic straw, Saran Wrap
Single use sachet of ketchup, mustard etc Toothbrush
Disposable razor, Disposable BBQ ,
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