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Baptism is the way that people become members of the Christian community. That’s why we celebrate it as part of our Sunday service when we gather together for worship. We baptism1have baptisms as needed throughout the year. If you wish this sacrament for your child, or for yourself, please contact Michael a few weeks in advance to arrange a date and baptism preparation meetings.

Parish Sponsors will help with baptism preparation and be present with you on the day of baptism. They are a symbol of the relationship our whole community has to the newly baptized and to one another, in keeping with the familial relationship which existed in the early Christian community. This may be of particular interest to those who are new to the community and whose family and friends are some distance away. Of course, you are welcome to choose sponsors (godparents) as well.


1461074_10151775483434117_1841033425_nSharing in a meal of bread and wine is an expression of our intimate relationship with each other and with Christ. Everyone is welcome to receive communion, regardless of age or religious affiliation. Children and babies routinely take communion, in the ways that seem appropriate to their parents and themselves.

Confirmation is not a pre-requisite to receive communion. However, we do offer instruction for those age 7 and up, whether before or after their first communion.


youthBaptism is the rite of initiation into the Christian faith—as a baptized person, you are a full member of the church.

Confirmation is the renewal of the promises made at our baptism. We encourage confirmation for those who have a mature desire to take on these promises as they assume adult responsibilities in the community. Those who have already been confirmed may choose to re-affirm their faith through a similar ceremony.

Please contact Michael to arrange preparation classes.


Holy matrimony is a celebration of the love between two people that reflects God’s compassion and mutuality with humanity.

If you would like to get married, please contact Michael at least two months before making any firm plans, so he can arrange for the service and the use of the church.


As a community, we will be present with you in times of bereavement. Hopefully we will be aware of a need beforehand, but we ask you to let us know as soon as possible after your family member or friend has died. Michael will be available to assist with arrangements for the funeral and to support you in your grief.