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Mission & ValuesInca-mission-graphic-web

Grateful for the gifts of a gracious God, we are searching for and making meaning together in Christ through:

⇒ engaging, dynamic worship;

⇒ partnerships for social justice and the earth;

⇒ inviting, supportive community; and,

⇒ empowering spiritual growth.

Core Values

Our core values describe who we are and who we want to be. They are a thread linking our past, our plans and all of the activities described throughout this web site.

⇒ Inclusiveness of all People

⇒ Family Oriented

⇒ Presence of Children and Young People

⇒ Informal Atmosphere

⇒ Outreach to Others

⇒ Involvement in the Life of the Parish

⇒ Close Relationship with our Clergy

⇒ Support of People in Need

⇒ Stewardship

Vision Statement & Objectives

Our vision statement and our objectives help us focus our ministry:

Use our gifts to express our individual ministry.
Welcome new people and nurture each other.
Put into practice "Give till it feels good."

Social Activities

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Our social activities are an essential part of our church life, because they bring us together and foster a sense of community. There are different events to suit everyone’s interests. You can find out about them in the Sunday bulletins and the e-newsletter. The easiest way to get to know us is by sharing coffee, tea, or juice after the 10:00 AM service. Take a few minutes to stay and chat.

We try to have many intergenerational events that include all members, young and old, whether single, married, or in families. Past events have included pancake suppers, BBQs, games nights, Halloween parties and Christmas brunches. We also occasionally have social6adults-only events, to get to know one another without worrying about the children.

Please join us in any of our social activities that interest you. And if you would like to start something new, please contact us.

Financial Stewardship

Many of us grew up in an age when it wasn’t nice to talk about money and church.

ParishGivingLogoThat’s a shame. Not just because the church needs our contributions to continue its work both within the church and in the wider community. Not just because we are still subsidized by the regional church and are becoming self-sufficient. Not just because we have ambitious hopes and dreams for future programs.

It’s a shame because that attitude deprives us of an opportunity to share our resources, to do more together than we could do alone. As members of this church, we need and want to take responsibility for the work of our church and sharing in the cost of ministry is a way to do that.

How Much?

You probably have heard the expression "give ‘til it hurts". We believe in "giving until it feels good". Good for our church, good for our world, good for us.

How much should you give? There’s no single answer, but there’s still a lot of merit in the old method of proportional giving suggested in the Bible. The Bible suggests "tithing" or giving 10% of your gross earnings, however most of us can’t do that. Perhaps your starting point is 2%, maybe 5%. Our ongoing challenge to each other is to increase our giving in each year.

Our contributions help support our worship, christian learning, social activities, pastoral ministry, outreach, as well as covering building and administrative costs.

Regular Givings

Although we do not generally pass a collection plates, baskets for Sunday offerings are placed conveniently in the worship space and many members contribute that way. Some use envelopes; others give monthly or quarterly donations, or post-dated cheques for periods when they will be away. If you contribute by cheque, please make it payable to "The Church of the Incarnation".

We would encourage you to consider automatic bank withdrawal or pre-authorized credit card payments. It is more convenient for you and helps us plan. In all cases, we will write you a tax receipt. Of course, contributions are always kept confidential.

Pre-authorized Payment Form

Regular or individual donations can also be made to the church via CanadaHelps.

Special Funds

The regular Sunday offering goes towards the ongoing expenses of the church (i.e. the "General Fund"). If you wish to direct additional contributions, you may make donations to three other funds.

(1) The Rector's Discretionary Fund provides money the rector can use for emergencies, to help those in need and to fund ministries which would otherwise not be possible.
(2) The Building Fund accumulates fundraising profits, commitments made during our capital fundraising campaign and specified donations.
(3) The Building Renewal fund sets aside money to pay for major building purchases and repairs.


Finally, you can also contribute financially to the work of the church by participating in our fundraising ventures. Fundraising activities also give us a way to get to know each other better—and have fun. Examples of past fundraising activities include a talent auction, running a parking lot during major golf tournaments and staging a concert.

Parish Governance

The parish "business" and decision-making is conducted by the Parish Corporation, which consists of the rector, two wardens, and two deputy wardens, who are all members of the church. Wardens are appointed for two-year terms (one as deputy and one as a "full" warden").

parishcouncilParish Council consists of up to 16 members: our priests, the wardens, deputy wardens, the treasurer, youth representative, and up to 10 other adults. Most members serve a two-year term. Parish Council meets bi-monthly and acts in an advisory capacity to the Corporation, as a ‘think tank’ and as a visioning group. Meetings are open and anyone may attend; to have something added to the agenda, please contact the chair.
We elect or appoint members to Parish Council each year at Vestry (in February), which is the annual business meeting of the church. People who have been active members, contributing financially to the work of the church for the previous six months, each have a vote at vestry. Other committees and groups develop, as needed, to do the work of the church.

Partnership with the Diocese of Niagara

Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton

Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton

The Church of the Incarnation is part of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, a regional body that links more than 100 Anglican parishes in the Niagara, Hamilton and Halton areas. The diocese provides administrative and resource support and plays a strong leadership role in youth ministry activities, stewardship and parish renewal.

The Diocese has been an important presence in the life of the church, initially taking full responsibility for planning and funding the work of the parish and later providing subsidies and a $1.4 million allocation towards our building costs.

Each year, we send delegates to synod, the annual decision-making body of the Diocese. We also send delegates to youth synod each spring.

The Diocese also produces a monthly newspaper, The Niagara Anglican, to accompany the Canada-wide Anglican Journal. Anyone on our parish list receives these papers automatically.

Diocese of Niagara