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Pastoral Care

We use the term "pastoral care" to mean providing support to members. We represent Christ in the world and carry on God's work as opportunities arise.

pastoralcare1Pastoral care can take many forms: home visits, hospital visits, prison visits, practical help (e.g., finding baby-sitters), offering prayers , telephone contact, providing a welcome casserole, taking communion to shut-ins, hearing confession, and ministry at the time of death.

Home and institutional visits by Michael are scheduled as needed for those who are sick or shut in. Please note that hospitals will not notify us if you are hospitalized.

Casseroles are taken to families experiencing a tough patch.

In times of crisis or for spiritual issues, please do not hesitate to call Michael (905-825-2851 or 905-330-8143). He can provide a skilled and friendly presence when you are in need of one. Communication is the key to pastoral care. We may not be able to help personally when someone is in need, but we can share our concerns with Michael or other people who can help. Everyone can do this, so that we avoid missing people in need.


The Eco Justice group works on issues related to social justice and ecological justice.

The principles of social include sanctifying the inherent dignity of every human person and doing deeds that show solidarity with, and compassion for, the poor.

The principles of ecological justice include respecting the sacredness of the earth and recognizing our call to treat it with respect, as well as the concept that the world's most vulnerable citizens are those who will suffer the most from, and be the least able to adapt to, the effects of climate change.

With all projects we undertake, we strive to combine elements of charity, education and advocacy.

11701166_10152992846739117_3470206299624006292_nIn the past we have supported two refugee families , donated to food banks, given Christmas gifts to the children and youth residing in the Syl Apps Youth Centre, signed petitions and written letters to members of government advocating for better climate change policies, raised money for an interim housing project, supported Amnesty International prisoners of conscience, signed petitions asking the provincial government to increase the monthly food allowance for those on social assistance and helped our parish obtain a bronze accreditation in the diocesan Greening Programme.


We are all ministers and need to think of our involvement in the church as our own ministry: to develop and share our gifts, creativity and time in ways that help us grow into all we can be. It is a way of making choices about how best to share with each other and the church, whether that be taking leadership roles or supporting the priorities of the parish.

community_volunteerOur participation and commitment to the church is at its best an opportunity for personal growth as well as supporting the important work we do together. Volunteering, therefore, is so much more than a gift of time, it is a celebration of the work of the church as a whole.

Worship & Celebration

Our services couldn’t take place without our many volunteers!

Service Preparation:

Bake bread, set up the altar, greet people as they arrive, prepare coffee/juice, count offerings.

Participating in the Service:

Read Bible readings and the gospel, lead community prayer, present gifts, prepare the table for communion, offer the bread or wine.


Sing or play an instrument.


Supervise children under age 3.

Church School:

Teach or assist with children age 3 and older.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Ongoing Ministry

You may wish to join one of our committees, such as stewardship, building, social, worship, music or social justice. You may also wish to become involved with Parish Council or any of the small groups being formed.

Or you may wish to help on an occasional basis, delivering flyers throughout the community, assisting with concerts, social and fundraising events, helping with property cleanup. These opportunities are listed in the e-newsletter and bulletins as they arise. If you are aware of other volunteer opportunities that we haven’t discovered yet, please let us know!

Clearly, stewardship extends to the leadership roles we play in formal activities, but also encompasses the informal support and care we show for each other on a day to day basis.

Beyond Ourselves

Our real stewardship role extends beyond the Church of the Incarnation to our responsibility as Christians to the community around us. In fact, it must be within the community that our ministry takes place, not isolated from it.

We believe that we have a responsibility to share what we have learned at the Incarnation about spirituality, community, and personal responsibility. All of us play a part in this, through our involvement with other churches in the Diocese, but also through our ongoing commitments to community organizations. Please let us know if we can help you with this.


Our church is part of a wider community, both local, regional and international. As Christians, we are called to reach out to those in need and help with a hand out or a hand HandsWebup. Along with the EcoJustice group, Incarnation conducts several events and fundraising activities for various groups and individuals. Previous initiatives include food & clothing drives, women's shelter retreats, Habitat for Humanity, support for same-sex couple recognition and other awareness campaigns.

We continue to be a spiritual and charitable leader in our community and our world. Please contact our Social Justice coordinator if you have a suggestion for other activities.