We were fortunate to attend a service at Incarnation as a result of a dance our youngest daughter was performing with her Spirit Moves Dance Group.  We were overwhelmed with the welcoming spirit of the members following the service, and given that we were looking for a new “home” on our spiritual journey at the time, we believed we had found it at Inca.  In terms of what Inca means to us, it is an anchor in our week when we are reminded of what is important in terms of relationships, people, community, and music, and are able to share our faith in a friendly environment that recognizes and accepts individuals from all walks of life, and represents a vehicle through which to give back to those in need in our neighbourhoods and town that we love so much.


Being new to Oakville, I feel blessed to have discovered Church of the Incarnation. I soon found out that everybody is welcome at Incarnation whatever their individual story and that there is always something inspiring going on. I’ve been encouraged to mature spiritually at my own pace, in my own way, and at the same time have found new friends and a supportive community.


Two summers ago I came from another church (which I attended  for over 11 years) and was impressed by the service, so much I requested a copy of a fall bulletin. I filed it away, but it stuck with me. The next summer I came back and was more impressed. The service is in 'tune'  with the times, casual , but always meaningful and personal  i.e. the prayers of the people not read from a book but from the heart. The music speaks to my soul and fills me with such joy and peace and happiness. The people echo that joy and peace and  have been very welcoming to me. Christmas and Easter services were Awesome. Incarnation is where my spiritual needs are met, and where I feel at home.


Incarnation is my sanctity. Father Michael's presence and integrity together with the solemnity of the architectural brilliance of the church building, provide the perfect recipe for community. Feels like home to me!!!