I’m sorry we failed you…

In our recent worship gatherings, we asked a few young adults to talk about faith, spirituality and what gives them hope for the future. Douglas Gowing gave a thoughtful and open explanation about climate change and the role of older generations. You can view his comments by clicking the image below

Mac Morrison, one of our long-standing parishioners was so moved by Douglas's comments, he wrote the following apology letter:

Hi Douglas, I really appreciated your thoughts and opinions as expressed on our last two Inca Zoom gatherings.You really got me thinking about the subject of climate change, and the guilt of older generations in our failure to deal with these issues in a serious manner.

In May of 1959, as a pilot in the RCAF, I had the privilege to spend two weeks flying over the Canadian Arctic expanse from our base at Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island. This location is about as central to our Canadian Arctic as you can get. I had just turned 22 years of age a few months earlier. During that time, our crew flew directly over the North Pole on two occasions, covered the north end of Greenland once, surveyed the northern extremities of Ellesmere Island, overflew a Russian ice island air base approximately 600 miles to the west of Resolute, and generally covered all of the Arctic that is considered to be Canadian. On our northbound flight to Resolute we departed Winnipeg and flew along the western shore of Hudson Bay from Churchill to Resolute.

At no time during any of those flights did I visually witness any open water. I saw cracks in the ice in locations, even close to the Pole, but absolutely no visible water. If I could have the pleasure and ability to do the same series of flights today, during the month of May, I would see a dramatically different world. Most of Hudson Bay would be water, the Russian ice island would be non-existent, and there would be open water leads almost to the North Pole. All of this in sixty years.

I am sure that if more people could witness those changes first hand, we would indeed be wrapped up in environmental issues. In my time we did not have satellite images that would have very quickly alerted us to the potential disaster at our doorstep.
I apologize on behalf of my generation for our failure to pay attention to these issues. It was not until Al Gore, in the 1990’s, started to really alert America to the effects of climate change, that my generation even started to think about it. At that time it was too late.

These changes are VERY real and are accelerating at a truly dramatic rate. Our mission now will not be a “Rescue Mission” but a “Recovery Mission” that we pass on to your generation. That will be a huge responsibility. You must ensure that YOUR great grandchildren have a reasonable opportunity to survive on our God given planet Earth.
Most sincerely,
Mac Morrison

Thanks to both of you for caring and sharing

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