Thoughts on John 10:22-30, from Discipleship Ministries

What makes you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Lord, the Son of God, your personal Savior? What makes you believe so much that you have become one of his disciples? What makes you believe so much that you want to tell others about him so they will follow him too?

There is no single, right answer to this question. Furthermore, this is a question that each one of us must answer for ourselves. We must answer it not only with words, but with actions. Because if we do believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, we have to not only say it and tell others, but we have to live out that confession of faith with our whole lives. Because just as Jesus testified to his identity by the way he lived his life, so must we testify to our faith in him by the way we live our lives.

The Easter Season is an excellent time to give witness to faith in Jesus Christ. It is a time to share stories of the saints who have walked before us, those whose lives have borne witness to their deep and abiding faith and whose loving actions have taught us how to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are Jesus’ people and the sheep of his pasture. No longer do we live according to our own passions and desires, but each of us has died to his or her old self and has been reborn as a member of Christ's body. And now, all together, as one body in Christ, we carry out his mission and ministry in the world. We have taken on his great commission to go out and make disciples of the whole world, and we have taken to heart his command whereby the world recognizes us as his disciples; namely, that we love one another.

Let us not forget who makes us to lie down in green pastures and leads us beside the still waters and restores our souls. Let us not forget that it is truly the Lord who is our shepherd, and that we should not wait until we are ready to be put in our graves to let those words be recited over our names.

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