Remembrance Sunday

Oh, how we would love
that amongst human beings
and in harmony with creation
peace would reign throughout the world

But still today children cry, women are violated,
families are torn apart, soldiers die in combat.


So easily we wage war
instead of conducting our discussions,
our exchanges, and our negotiations,
with respect and understanding.
The price to pay is peace.

These conflicts are so destructive, all are victims,
and those who console them
experience their heartfelt cries.

Daring to dream of a better world
can silence the heartfelt cries,
in forgiving the past,
and in having faith in the future.

Confident in the future and humanity,
we will grow in knowledge and wisdom
while sharing both hopes and fears.

As difficult as it sometimes is for me,
I must dream of a world of peace
where nations help each other and where
human beings appreciate one another more!

At one with the Author of Peace
I may dream of a world
in which we have faith and the determination
to do all in our power
to achieve lasting and harmonious peace.

When our hearts are set free from fear
we will then be able to embrace our children,
bequeathing to them a world where they will grow, making way for peace and reconciliation.


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