New Year Message from The Archbishop of Canterbury

A New Year Message from the Head of the world wide Anglican Church,
the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has focused on reconciliation – one of the three priority areas for his ministry – for his New Year’s Message. The Archbishop filmed the message in Coventry – where he served as cathedral Canon between 2002 and 2007. It was in Coventry that Archbishop Justin developed the cathedral’s international reconciliation ministry, which grew out of the response to the bombing of the former cathedral in World War II during the Coventry Blitz in 1940.

Commenting on the differences caused by reactions to the refugee crisis and the post-Brexit political atmosphere in the UK, Archbishop Justin said: “If we look at our roots, our history and our culture in the Christian tradition; if we reach back into what is best in this country, we will find a path towards reconciling the differences that have divided us.

“If we are welcoming to those in need; if we are generous in giving; if we take hold of our new future with determination and courage – then we will flourish. Living well together despite our differences, offering hospitality to the stranger and those in exile, with unshakable hope for the future – these are the gifts, the commands and the promises of Jesus Christ.”

You can watch his video message here:


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