Looking Ahead!

We are closing in on the end of the great fifty days of Easter and with the culmination of the Easter season we prepare for the great celebration of the birth of the Church, the Day of Pentecost. We celebrate Pentecost on May 15th this year and we do want to make it a celebration!

Spring is a busy time of year and with the weather getting warmer, we to try to get outside and shake off the dust of winter from our bones. We would like to invite everyone from the Incarnation community to come together to celebrate spring, to celebrate our wonderful community and re-connect with one another There are few places in society these days where we can gather as a community to meet new people and enter into new relationships; our church gives us this

So, please make a point of joining us on Sunday May 15th for a re-union of sorts and a celebration of our community, our Church and the gifts of God that we are so blessed to enjoy and share in this community.

See you on the 15th.



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