I’ll be back!

At the time of writing, there are officially 5 more sleeps until summer vacation! I am looking forward to a slower rhythm of life and a looser schedule; time in the garden, time on the dock and on the water, mystery novels that are fluffy and sleep- ins!

Instead of alarm clocks waking me up, I will awake and maybe even roll back over. Morning routines have fewer tasks and the routine, well, isn’t a routine at all. My ministry schedule, too, slows during the summer with many programs and ministry responsibilities coming to a pause.

I am looking forward to our calendars being a bit clearer to make time for some rituals of R.E.S.T. This does not mean taking days to sleep or waste or neglect life’s responsibilities for a long time. This is about intentionally taking moments in my day to allow Restored Energy in Spirit Time (R.E.S.T.). And summer, whether in a family context or a ministry context, often allows space for this to happen.

What do I plan on doing to restore my energy in the Spirit’s time?

 Lingering a bit longer in the morning over my cup of coffee

 Reading books just for me that are pure fun and not work-related.

 Making riding/walking/exercising and nature-staring part of each day.

 Sitting outside with my wife on summer’s longer nights, visiting and sipping a glass of wine.

 Connecting with friends and family that I have seen little of these past months

There will be no task lists that drive this R.E.S.T. I am going to trust the Spirit to show me what I need to restore my energy in this summer season. My daily devotional and quiet time will guide me to notice the Spirit’s invitations for me.

What about you? What might be some rituals of R.E.S.T. that will be part of your summer?

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