Extravagant Love

Who do you perceive/believe yourself to be right now? How do you want to experience life? Will you be more kind, gentle, forgiving, tolerant and loving? Or will you continue to give your power away to the fear and doubt that is so prevalent right now in our society? The choice is ultimately yours.

Might we suggest a resolution to love extravagantly and unconditionally? Within you is an unlimited supply of love and you hold the key to its release. Fear and doubt, anger and hate, have no more control over our lives than we allow. Can it be that simple? It really is. Loving is a choice we can make every moment.

Begin with yourself. Realize that you are a powerful, spiritual and angelic being and can create with love. Take care of your thoughts and feelings and make sure they reflect the positive you. Also observe your actions and insure that they have a loving intent too.

Even when our emotions get the best of us and the stress and concerns of life become a bit overwhelming, just remember we have tools of forgiveness, gratitude, meditation, visualization, and letting go, to assist us in overcoming the negative experiences we encounter each day. Most things we concern ourselves over are not worth worrying about or holding on to.

When you are clear and receptive to God’s love and your own higher, loving nature, you can then direct this love to people and places around you. Your peace becomes the peace for others. Your love becomes the love of God that other people feel.

Be the angel you are and choose to live freely and joyfully. In doing so, you make this a better world to live and love in.

The woman is our story from Luke this week lavishes extravagant love upon Jesus; she made a choice to love boldly, unconditionally in spite of the whispers and looks. She let no social constraint stop her from expressing the love she feels and wants to express. She stands behind him weeping, and proceeds to clean his feet, washing them with her tears, drying them with her hair, finally applying ointment she has brought. She has let go of fear and doubt; she is willing to be vulnerable, open and real. She has chosen to live freely and boldly and follow her heart to God. It is the example of unconditional love that speaks to us and boldly challenges us if we seek to know God in the way God would have us.

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